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[BigTitCreamPie] Brija Monet (Dear God Its Me Brija / 11.04.2012)

Brija is at home putting in some me time; that what she calls her dildo. But it is just not satisfying her like a real dick would. She just can’t help but call out her frustration in wanting a real dick. Almost prayer like oh god I need a real dick. Like a miracle there is a knock on the door, wont he do it? Jonathan is at the door and wonders if she has time to hear the good word. She is not interested in just words, faith without work is dead. Jonathan says is willing to do anything to help her, being just a humble servant. She quickly pulls him into the house, I mean he said anything. She pulls him into her gigantic breasts and lets him know the assignment. Jonathan knows a blessing when he sees one. She pulls out his bbc and she realizes Jonathan is the one who is blessed. They fuck like the old days with Brija’s big beautiful tiddies bouncing everywhere. Jonathan has no choice but to cum in her. It’s better your seed spill into the belly of a whore than on the floor.






Date: November 5, 2023