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[DevilsFilm] Leana Lovings (My BEST Friend Stole My GIRLfriend #02 / 09.28.2023)

Leana Lovings is NOT very happy about Max Fills being a major couch potato. He’s been doing NOTHING for two weeks! But when she confronts her boyfriend, Steve Rickz, about it, he insists that his best friend needs some extra help right now. It’s revealed that Max has experienced a series of unfortunate events, including having his girlfriend break up with him. So although things are rough right now, Steve’s just helping a bud out until he can get back on his feet.

Leana appreciates how sweet Steve is but still isn’t thrilled about the arrangement. She’s even less thrilled when Steve has to run an errand, which means leaving her alone with Max.

Once Leana’s alone with Max, she tries getting him to open up about everything. She unexpectedly gets way more than she bargained for when he laments about his girlfriend dumping him when he’s the best lover she ever could’ve had! As he grumbles about how good he was at eating her pussy and making her cum before even sticking his dick in her, Leana is surprised and flustered.

Max sees this and boasts more about his skills, insisting that he could make Leana cum in ways that Steve NEVER could. Although Leana is shocked, she’s also naturally curious if he can deliver on his promise. After a little bit of thought, she decides to let Max have his way with her. If he’s going to be hanging around, he may as well be useful!






Date: September 28, 2023
Actors: Leana Lovings