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[DevilsFilm] Nicole Aria (My BEST Friend Stole My GIRLfriend #02 / 10.27.2023)

Danny Mountain is hanging out with his best friend, Celtic Iron. Celtic is stressed out of his mind about his girlfriend, Nicole Aria, thinking that something’s off about her since she’s been so distant lately. Meanwhile, Danny thinks Celtic is just reading too much into nothing since Nicole seems to be the same to him as she always is. Celtic isn’t convinced but Danny soon leaves him be.

Later, Danny shows up at Nicole’s house and confronts her about being standoffish towards Celtic. Nicole rolls her eyes and admits that Celtic’s been annoying her lately, ESPECIALLY when it comes to sex. Fortunately, that’s NOT a problem when it comes to having sex with Danny!

Yes, as they sneakily kiss, it becomes obvious that the reason Nicole’s been distant lately is because she’s having an affair right under Celtic’s nose with his best friend, Danny. But how much longer can they get away with it before Celtic finally catches on??






Date: October 27, 2023
Actors: Nicole Aria