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[FreeUseFantasy] Vanna Bardot, Shay Sights (Vanna’s Easy A Part 3: Sexually Powerful / 09.02.2023)

Vanna’s Easy A (Part 3 of 3): it turns out that Vannas losing her virginity to her best friend Codey actually conspired in her favor. Despite the school bullies Daniel and Nick spreading gossip around it, Vanna becomes a sexual goddess around school, even with her teacher and the principal recognizing her lusty power. Brimming with confidence, she confronts Nick and Daniel, all while she is joined by Codey, professor Legend, and Principal Sights for a freeuse fuckfest. Vanna manages to make the bullies regret their deeds and cleans up her reputation while keeping her sexual flair.






Date: September 2, 2023