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[Girlsway] Queenie Sateen (Like Two Shifts In The Night / 08.10.2023)

Queenie Sateen and her girlfriend Codi Vore may live together, but that doesn’t mean they spend nearly enough time together. Codi works retail during the day, while Queenie works nights as a security guard. Needless to say, their opposing schedules have certainly made it harder to see each other than other couples.

One night, Codi comes home from her shift and manages to catch Queenie as she’s getting dressed for work. They give each other a warm kiss, and take advantage of this rare moment to sit on the bed and vent about work for a bit. As they chat, however, they realize that this is one of the few times they’ve actually been able to spend more than a few minutes together. They’ve been missing each other so much, and are thankful that they can get a little Codi/Queenie time, if only for a little while.

But then, they get an interesting idea. Maybe there’s ANOTHER way they can make the most of this passing moment… After all, Queenie hasn’t finished getting dressed yet, and she doesn’t have to leave for work until a bit later. What if they added a bit of oil to their candles by having a little frisky fun while the mood is right? They love the sound of this, and come together for sensual and erotic lesbian sex.








Date: August 10, 2023
Actors: Queenie Sateen