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[JapanHDV] Haruka Miura (Flight Attendant, Haruka Miura, Blows A Scared Passenger / 08.15.2023)

Haruka Miura is the best flight attendant that the company has ever had. She is always focused on her job, ensuring anyone on her flight feels safe and comfortable. One of her passengers had a panic attack on this particular flight. He’s a businessman traveling solo, and he is scared of flying. Haruka tried everything to make him more comfortable. She brought him blankets and assured him that everything was going to be alright. But the man was still extremely anxious. Then, the cute and sexy flight attendant got an idea. A man can’t be anxious when his dick is being sucked. No one can think of anything bad when a flight attendant dressed up in her sexy uniform kneels in front of him and starts unzipping his pants to take out his penis and pleasure it. Haruka was so relaxed and confident doing this, a sign that the businessman was not the first passenger who got this treatment. Her lips wrapped around the guy’s dick and made it instantly hard. She sucked him like a pro, and then she reached over to tongue-kiss him. This movie has so many close-ups, which will make you appreciate Haruka’s beauty and blowjob skills. You’ll even enjoy some upskirt shots of her beautiful ass in nylon pantyhose as she bends over to kiss the dude and her uniform reveals her holes. She even took off her jacket so that she could better jerk off the anxious man. She has a special technique of jerking off a dick while licking its head. And when she used this trick, the man couldn’t stop himself from cumming. He released his jizz all over Haruka’s tongue. It was a huge load, which Haruka spat on her hand. She’s so happy with her job!








Date: August 15, 2023
Actors: Haruka Miura