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[JapanHDV] Satomi Suzuki (Housewife Satomi Suzuki Cheats On Her Boring Husband / 08.19.2023)

Here’s another episode in the dirty adventures of a sexually neglected housewife. In the previous episode, Satomi was so horny that she masturbated beside her sleeping husband. We told you that she would cheat on him with the first chance. That chance came out of nowhere when her husband was away at work. A friend came to visit, and they started talking. The friend asked Satomi if she is happy. She confessed that she was in a sexless marriage. And the dirty friend saw the opportunity and took it on the spot. He removed Satomi’s wedding ring and started kissing her. Satomi resisted initially, but her wet pussy took control of her mind, and she accepted her friend’s advances. They went into the bedroom, where Satomi slept with her husband, and the new lover started worshiping her pussy. He licked and fingered her more than her hubby did in the past year. He got her twat so wet, and Satomi was so turned on that she forgot she was married. The return of the favor meant some excellent cock sucking. With her pussy wet and a mouth full of cock, Satomi was in heaven. She drooled all over the dick and got it rock-hard. Just perfect to penetrate her neglected hairy cunt. When the cock entered her, she rolled her eyes back and went straight to heaven. This potent and handsome friend fucked her brains out in so many positions. She screamed the whole time, and the neighbors must have known she was cheating because her husband had never made Satomi get so loud. But she didn’t care. As long as she had felt the touch of a cock, nothing else mattered. Her beautiful boobs were jiggling so crazy when her lover went into turbo mode, drilling her hard. All the rough fucking made the guy cum, and he released his sperm inside Satomi’s hairy twat, for the husband to find when he returned home.








Date: August 19, 2023
Actors: Satomi Suzuki