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[PureTaboo] Sophia Burns, Charlie Forde (Expecting / 10.24.2023)

Lenny and Martha (Seth Gamble and Charlie Forde) are a happily married couple, though have never been able to conceive. As such, they decided to enlist the help of Sandra (Sophia Burns), a surrogate parent who would carry their offspring to term. The day has finally come for them to meet their new family member, and they set up their living room with decorations and fanfare, barely containing their excitement. But when Sandra knocks at their door, they are surprised to see she’s arrived empty-handed. Their surprise turns to shock, however, when Sandra informs them that she’s changed her mind. She’s decided to keep their offspring for herself, and there’s nothing Lenny and Martha can do to change her mind.

Martha breaks down at the news, panicking and inconsolable. After all this waiting… all this effort and support that they’ve given to Sandra… how could she destroy their lives like this? Lenny takes a more direct approach, offering various things to Sandra in an attempt to help her see reason. But no matter what Lenny offers, Sandra won’t budge. The truth is, Lenny and Martha can’t give her what she wants: a family of her own. When Lenny hears this, however, the beginnings of an idea form in his mind. Perhaps… he and Martha COULD give Sandra a family…

Lenny makes a striking and unorthodox offer to Sandra. Why doesn’t she stay and live with them? She could become a part of their family, and she’d never have to leave the offspring alone. She’d always be a part of its life. Sandra is intrigued, but she worries that this offer is only half-full. Will she ever truly be of equal standing as Lenny and Martha in this radical new household arrangement that they’re proposing? Or will she simply become a glorified housemaid? But Lenny and Martha surround Sandra, promising that they can prove to her just how committed they are to this idea. In fact, they’ll prove it to her right now… by offering her the same intimacy they’d usually reserve for themselves.






Date: October 24, 2023