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[TeamSkeetXJonathanJordan] Xaya Lovelle (Meeting Xaya / 11.06.2023)

Wayne meets Xaya, and the two hit it off right away. They’re meeting up for one thing only, and the anticipation has been building in their minds all day. To warm her up, Wayne licks Xaya’s pussy and sucks on her clit. The pleasure is unworldly, and Xaya’s desire for Wayne’s cock grows by the second. Wayne pulls down his pants, and Xaya slips his dick down her throat without hesitation. He can’t cum yet, as their fun has only just begun. Wayne gets on top of Xaya and drills her pussy hard, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. Until finally, he can’t hold his load any longer. Xaya wants to taste him and wants Wayne to finish all over her face. He happily obliges the sweet babe and busts a massive nut. With a smile, Xaya takes every drop she can get from the lucky stud.






Date: November 6, 2023
Actors: Xaya Lovelle