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[AllGirlMassage] Rebecca Vanguard, Erin Everheart (Massage Student / 08.07.2023)

Erin Everheart, a masseuse-in-training, needs to massage a certain number of clients in order to pass her course and become a full-fledged masseuse. After putting in lots of time and hard work, she finally has just one massage left to go… but her final client canceled at the last minute. Now what?

Erin doesn’t want to delay passing her course, so she asks her friend and roommate, Rebecca Vanguard, to be a replacement client. Rebecca isn’t sure at first, because she’s reading a good book and doesn’t want to stop, but Erin manages to sweet talk her into it.

Rebecca gets undressed and lies down on her stomach as instructed. Erin works the tension out of Rebecca’s back and shoulders, and Rebecca admits that Erin is really good at this. But Erin is just getting started, and Rebecca becomes very impressed when Erin massages her glutes. Erin then has Rebecca turn over, so she can massage Rebecca’s front… including Rebecca’s breasts. Erin can see that Rebecca is getting turned on, and when she offers to take things further, Rebecca is happy to accept!








Date: August 7, 2023