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[AllGirlMassage] Rebecca Vanguard, Octavia Red (Last Minute Bliss / 10.23.2023)

Rebecca Vanguard is preparing her massage table at a beautiful poolside. Her client, Octavia Red, arrives late and is stressed because of it, fretting over having made Rebecca wait. It’s revealed that Octavia just started vacation but that everything has gone wrong so far, which is why she’s in desperate need of a nice, relaxing massage.

Rebecca gets Octavia to strip down and lie down on the massage table. She sensually massages oil all over Octavia’s body, using her magic fingers to work the tension out of Octavia’s muscles. Slowly and surely, Octavia becomes aroused, and Rebecca decides that even though Octavia’s vacation may not have had a happy beginning, it can certainly have a happy ending!






Date: October 23, 2023