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[DevilsFilm] Bella Luna (My BEST Friend Stole My GIRLfriend #02 / 10.06.2023)

Will Pounder and his girlfriend, Bella Luna, are relaxing and talking about Will’s best friend, Nathan Bronson, coming to visit that weekend. They fondly share some memories of the three of them hanging out in the past, though Bella seems to be hiding something from Will…

When Nathan later arrives, there’s plenty of excitement in the air, although he soon has to crash for a much needed siesta to get over the jet lag. When Nathan next stirs, he finds Bella alone and learns that Will got called into work for a couple of hours.

Nathan slyly grins and sits close to Bella, asking if she remembered the last time they hung out. They’d all been on a beach trip together but Bella and Nathan got lost together. In reality, they had snuck off to fuck! Although Bella clearly remembers this herself, she insists that it needs to stay a secret between them — they CAN’T let themselves get carried away like that again!

But they’re both inexplicably drawn towards each other… and it looks like they’ll soon have ANOTHER naughty secret to keep from Will.






Date: October 6, 2023
Actors: Bella Luna