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[Girlsway] Summer Col, Charlie Forde (How To Catch A Coworker / 05.19.2024)

Charlie Forde uses her laptop camera to record herself masturbating in order to entice her nosy coworker, Summer Col, who will be coming to Charlie’s house for a work project. When Charlie is done recording, she puts the video in a folder marked ‘Private’ on her laptop, which she knows Summer will snoop around in.

Later that same day, Charlie welcomes Summer into her home and they begin working. Charlie then briefly excuses herself, claiming she has to run a quick errand. Charlie leaves but secretly hides around a corner to spy on Summer. As soon as Summer thinks Charlie is gone, she’s unable to resist snooping around on Charlie’s laptop.

Summer soon finds the video of Charlie masturbating and is initially shocked but then aroused. Summer begins masturbating to the video, unaware that Charlie is gleefully watching her from nearby. Charlie soon ‘returns’ and ‘confronts’ Summer. Summer is embarrassed and makes up excuses, but Charlie soon playfully confesses that the whole thing was a setup: Charlie felt that there was chemistry between them, and she wanted to be sure. Summer is surprised but receptive, and sparks fly, leading to an energetic sex session!





Date: May 20, 2024